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How Design Innovation Creates Design Advantage :

Competitive Design 

 “Design Advantage” is a good way to explain the competitive advantage created by design. It clearly defines the role of design beyond aesthetics or styling and frames the advantage that design brings to the user. But to do that requires a shift in the way we design. A new approach that is rooted in both user understanding and also design strategy.

How can we achieve this?

Design can bring this value to the user in different ways, by enhance experiences, create differentiation, etc. Take the example of the appliance market where technology is a great opportunity for creating this advantage. But for most users it wasn’t clear how this technology worked, and the design intent was about making this technology visible, and relevant. The resulting design helped people experience this technology. And this created not only user value but also business value. A clear design advantage.


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Is the “Design Advantage” always premium?

Design must be meaningful. As long as it builds user relevance, and creates business value, it should work. When Future Factory worked on the direct cool range of refrigerators, the design intent was to create this value at the lower end of the market. Godrej Edge Pro’s design  helped deliver a significant increase in cooling efficiency at a sizeable cost advantage. proving that design can work for everyone. It was recently awarded the prestigious Good Design Award from Japan for excellence in design. 

Thinking like a designer helps you see things differently, in a way that other disciplines don’t prepare you for. This creates a new understanding,. Not just a good looking one, but one that creates value: an Advantage By Design.

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